Železná Ruda

The biggest recreation centre in the western part of the Šumava mountains. it is situated at a height of 774 metres in the Železnorudská Hornatina highlands in the wide valley below the mountains Špičák and Pancíř. Originally Železná ruda was a community on the local provincial path, near iron ore mines, and later a glassworks was founded here. The town has a large number of tourist facilities and works recreation houses. The Baroque church of St. Mary from 1727 to 1732 has a twelve-sided ground-plan.

Infocentre - Javorská 124, 340 04 Železná Ruda, tel./fax: +420-376 397 033, e-mail:

Sight of Železná RudaSight of Železná Ruda
Sight of the town
Small chapel near Železná RudaSmall chapel near Železná Ruda
Small chapel
Surroundings of Železná RudaSurroundings of Železná Ruda
Summer sight from downhill route